You should be drinking at least 3-4 litres of liquid per day. This includes the recommended 2 litres of Nade Detox drink and at least another 1-2 litres of water in addition.

The more fluid in your body, the better the detox process will be as it is the fluid that carries all the dissolved toxins in your body, and this ensures that the waste material will not be too concentrated in the organs.

Q : Will be there be an increase in weight immediately after the diet?

A : After detoxing the boy regains its natural balance of elements and is better able to maintain its optimum weight.

It is normal to put on between half of kilogram to a kilogram after the program, but most of the weight lost will usually stay off.

One of the true benefits of NADE DETOX Program is that people will kick their bad eating habits. As most bad eating habits are purely addiction, whilst on the cleanse your body has time to break these habits and people will not want to go back to their old eating habits as they will realize what a difference this program has made and many people will begin to crave healthy foods.

Q : Will I feel hungry on the program ?

A : The most effective way to cleanse your body on Nade Detox program is to abstain from eating any solid foods whilst on the program.

The ingredients in Nade Detox drink are all natural foods and this is what provides the body with nourishment whilst on the program.

It contains natural carbohydrates which nourishes the body throughout the program. It is liquid food, and this is why most people do not feel hungry on the program.

Many people also mistake craving for hunger as toxins are being dissolved into blood stream.

Q : Can I change the mix of Nade Detox drink?

A : If you feel that the taste of the syrup is too sweet or strong you may add water to the recommended mixing quantities.

For example : if you want to add another half litre of water to your recommended 2 litre batch to reduce the concentration of the syrup you may, but just remember that you will have to drink the extra half a litre added (2 extra glasses of the detox drink).

Remember the most important part of the detox drink is to consume the three and half lemons, the 140 ml natural tree syrup and 40 gr jaggery sugar per day.

If you are feeling especially hungry, are being very physically active or have a high metabolism then you may wish to add more syrup to the mix.

Some people like more syrup in the mix, some less. 

If you cannot have cayenne pepper you may substitute it for ginger.

Q : How many times a year can you repeat the diet?

A : The full detox program should be carried out twice a year, but it is possible to follow the program and three or four times a year without detrimental effect.

When the program is followed more frequently, it is recommended that it should not be undertaken for more than ten days.

The Relaxed Version can be done for a month at a time and repeated every other month.

All weight loss can be put back on later through bad diet or poor eating habits, so it is recommended that these be changed.


When Nade Detox Program was followed for ten days, the average weight loss was 5-6 kg, with 45% of people losing even more; in other words 23% lost more than 6 kg, 15% more than 7kg, and 7% more than 8kg.

More than 80% of people were happy not only with the loss of weight but with other positive changes.

Many said that their energy levels increased and they achieved a more positive state of mind.

They also mentioned improvements in their hair condition, the condition of the nails, skin, and how their lives had changed and wished to repeat it on a future occasion.

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