Excess weight is probably the most common reason for doing the diet.

The Relaxed Version allows the body to purify itself at a slower rate, while still taking in some solid food. Because of this, to ensure a good purifying effect, the diet shoul be carried out over a longer period, at least a month and it should be understood that the Relaxed Version can obviously not achieve the same levels of detoxification as the full detox diet program.

For the Relaxed Version to be effective, it is advisable to remove certain foods which, because of their toxic content, would slow down the cleansing action.

Food you should avoid


Red meat

Fried foods

White bread, refined flour and sugar

Lactic product, such as milk, cheeses and yoghurts

Coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks


Processed foods

Food that you can eat

Try to buy organic food.

We recommend the following fruit, vegetables, raw, cooked (slightly) or made into a smoothie.

FRUIT  : Apricots, all berries, kiwi, papaya, peaches, mango, grapes, melon, apple, pear, banana, etc.

VEGETABLES : Beets, artichokes, all leafy green vegetables, carrots, cucumber, sweet potatoes, spinach, green and broad beans, peas, bean sprouts, cabbage, kale, etc.

Organic brown rice

Wholemeal bread


Steamed fish both white and oily

Chicken without the skin

Nuts and seeds (unsalted)

TEAs : Any tea without caffeine, such as peppermint, chamomile, dandelion, green tea, or mate.

The Relaxed Version is recommended for those who wish to try Nade Detox Program but are unsure about their capacity to the last ten days without solid food, and for those who do not feel able or prepared to do the full detox but who need to cleanse their body.

Many people continue for one or more weeks with the Relaxed Version after finishing the ten days full Nade Detox Program.

This maybe because the process of detoxification has still not been completed, or they want to lose more weight or simply to counteract a possible desire to eat too much after doing the full version Nade Detox Program.

During the detox, the size of the stomach reduces and it needs and requires less food; after the treatment it is not hunger that makes us eat more than necessary but in many cases the need for sweet foods to celebrate the success of the detox diet and the loss of weight.

On or two weeks of The Relaxed Version offers and ideal way of avoiding these effects; gently introducing a balance food intake and in many cases learning to listen to the innate wisdom of our body again : eat when the body tells us to; stop eating when we feel satisfied and NOT when we are ‘full’ and, above all, to eat what makes us feel good.

The most important purpose of both to complete detox program and the relaxed versions is to make people more conscious of keeping to a healthier general diet, and recognizing their true needs, their eating errors of the past and the effects that food products have on their health, mental and emotional stability.

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