The full version should be carried out for minimum of five to fourteen days, and should not be prolonged. Anyone who intends to prolong Nade Detox Program beyond fourteen days ought to consult a doctor and undertake medical supervision.

The case of a very overweight person who continued the detox much longer than that (but we would not advise this unless under strict medical supervision).

During the first three days, the body take its nourishment from its own reserves. While this process continues, we don’t feel hungry.

To carry out the diet twice or three times a year has a very positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit. 

A good indicator of the purification progress is the tongue, which sometimes becomes covered with a white coating during the detoxification process.

Usually the tongue will turn back to its pink color once you have completed the detox.

Experiences have shown that in the majority of cases the tongue is still dirty after ten days and sometimes even 14 or 20 days. This indicates that the process of purification has still not finished and that it would be appropriate to repeat the diet on the future occasion.


Mixing the natural tree syrup, jaggery sugar, and lemon is easy. Sometimes it is more convenient to prepare all the mixture for the day in two  litre bottle.

Cayenne pepper should be added to your personal taste. Some people prefer the drink with a lot of kick while some like it milder. Experiment to find the level that suits you best.

During the diet, it is alright to drink a little herbal tea such as peppermint or chamomile from time to time.

‘How Much Should I Drink?’

A minimum of six glasses (2 litres) of the mixture should be taken each day.

The Nade Detox drink will satisfy your physical hunger and give you energy. 

Have the mixture ready prepared and as soon as you feel hungry or tired, drink a little of the mixture. Keep drinking it often.

People who are very physically active can increase the dose and make it slightly more concentrated. 

IMPORTANT : Throughout the standard and optimum versions of the Nade Detox Program no other foods should be consumed. There is no fear once the body has adjusted to the detox, of being hungry.

Program Length 

5-7 days standard)

Many people, when thinking about detoxing for the first time, believe they won’t be able to make it to seven days but most find that after the second or third day it just gets easier and easier.

7-14 days (optimum)

It’s recommended to do Nade Detox Program for ten days because the cleansing gets better the longer the diet continues. By the time you get to the seventh day most people feel so good, that going a few extra days is easy.

Going 10-14 days gives the best results by keeping our body in a cleansing mode for the fullest length of time.

Changing from a solid diet to a liquid one can occasionally produce constipation so it is important to drink plenty of water while undertaking Nade Detox Program.

Another effective method is to drink a glass of salty water.

Mix 1 litre of warm water with two teaspoons of sea-salt (common  kitchen or table salt should not be used).

The whole litre should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

Stay close to a bathroom as you may have several bowel movements within an hour.

This method is not recommended for people who have high blood pressure.

For best results it is recommended to have the herbal laxative tea (evening tea) at night and the sea salt water in morning.

If for any reason you can not or do not want to take the sea salt water in the morning, the evening tea may be taken in its place.

No extra foods or pills

Some people want to take vitamin pills or other dietary supplements during the detox program, but often this is the cause of failure.

It is also not recommended to have additional foods as this can also endanger the success of Nade Detox Program.

The consumption of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, and tobacco also hinder the cleansing process.

The exception to the above is if, for health reasons, you need to take medication that a doctor has prescribed. It is always necessary to consult your doctor regarding the possible effects of stopping any medication.

Most people are surprised how well they feel during and after Nade Detox Program.  Their energy levels increase substantially, in particular during the second phase of the diet program and the majority of people can continue with their normal daily activities without any problems.

Many notice that their general state of mind is more positive and their vitality and energy levels increase toward the end.

 Cleansing Symptoms

Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and feeling cold sometimes occur when you undergo the Nade detox program.

Many of these symptoms arise from not keeping hydrated.

The more fluid in your body, the better the elimination process will be as it is the fluid that carries away all of the dissolved toxins in your body.

As soon as the toxins have left the body, balance is restored. 

Rest and take things easier if necessary, although the majority of people are able to work as normal. Persevere for the full duration of the diet program.

Don’t give in and don’t treat yourself by eating sweets or snacking as this will only compromise the success of the diet.

Benefit For Smokers

If you are a heavy smoker, do not stop suddenly, it is better to reduce the daily quantity gradually before you initiate the diet so that you are able to stop smoking by the fourth or fifth day.

In any case, if you do feel that the symptoms are severe, we recommend that you either stop the program, or carry out the relaxed version where the process of detoxification is not as quick as the full detox version.


Keep training but take it easy.

Avoid strenuous exercise, because intense exertion may encourage toxins to be reabsorbed rather than eliminated.

Nevertheless, gentle activities such as yoga or walking are very helpful in waste elimination. The key is finding the right balance between activity and rest.

Typical Timetable

Day 1-2  Good well-being, perhaps a little hunger. Some people have slightly headaches, which last a day or so. Some feel the cold more. This is when the toxins are being drawn out. Be prepared to set aside a little extra time for the rest of these days.

Day 3-5 Feeling better. Weak or sick patient may find  symptoms get worse but this lasts one or two days at the most. With every passing day, most people feel better and better. Feeling of clarity, lightness and well-being grow.

Physical cravings for solid food usually decrease dramatically.

Day 6-10 Felling great!

It is amazing how good we can feel when we give the body a chance. Most people are rarely hungry and feel healthy dan refreshed. Now the most of the toxins are gone, and you’ve adjusted to the liquid diet you’ll probably feel more energetic, clearer, and grounded.

We always advise If you do have medical concern to consult your doctor prior to participating in any detox or weight loss program.

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