“Lose 3-6 kg in ten days”

Is it possible?

Is it healthy?

Is it an exaggerated promise?

Is it publicity slogan?

Is it really possible to lose so much weight with a simple detox program?

3-6kgs is indeed a substantial amount to lose in just ten days. It is even more amazing that most people regain little (if any) of the weight they have lost after the diet program.

In the past test, 70% of the people who followed Nade Detox Program lost between 4-10 kg in ten days, while most of the remaining 30% lost between 3-5 kg. This is even more surprising if you think that not all of those who followed Nade Detox Program were overweight.

The majority of those who are not overweight lose between 2-3 kg, and those who are underweight re-establish the balance of the body’s metabolism.

Many have tried in vain to prove that it is not possible to lose so much weight in so little time. People often doubt that they are capable of changing their bad habits.

The confidence of being able to change and give up voluntarily our normal habits is an important base on which to build a healthier lifestyle.

In many cases the problem of excess of psychological temptations, in other words, ‘I eat because I feel empty inside’ : a frustration at lack of affection, values of recognition by others, insecurity or nervousness.

It is only then you can see that you have not only lost weight but you have also lost your bad eating habits.

And although you may not believe it, in ten days you will be lighter, brighter, and at the same time will feel marvelous.

The best time to carry out Nade Detox Program is when you are not under pressure from work and social commitments, away from draining stresses and obligation of everyday life, do things that you feel like doing, rest whenever your body ask for it, and without hurrying, take pleasure in the experiences that Nade Detox Program provides.

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